Marking off a To-Do




  • Vicki Lynn Browning

    I just wanted to say that before Creo I developed all the things you all talk about.  I don't eat out - way too much salt on food. .I don't drink soda's at all.  I work out at the gym sometimes everyday but for sure every other day.  I do sit ups in the back room here at work and sometimes I just do them at my desk with a matt.    I have NEVER weighed myself.  For me my secret is buying something I really like that just doesn't fit and putting it on once a week to see how it fits.    That feeling is the best experience and then I know i'm on the right track.  


    Bottom line to be fit, eat fit and feel great is, Do Not look back, give it a month, that is your first goal stay Constant..  People trying to drop pounds will be surprised when they fit into the clothes they wanted.   I went from size 14 to size 8.    For me I would just know that burning 600 calories at the gym and ate 3/4 veggies, good low bread  (1), fruit & yogurt the pounds would come off easy.  Be constant with exercise, healthy food and find that ONE thing you would love to fit into and go for it!

    I pray others are really trying with your advise on things, Spring is here and I feel great!  Thanks for being constant for UASI employees.

  • Janis Rosenberg

    You're awesome, Vicki!!  Thanks for the great comment here.  We need more like you- inspiring and successful at keeping healthy!  It's not rock science, is it?  Just takes a bit of education and some willpower to change your life and your health!

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